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这场直播将会由我们的金牌主持人——Jerry为我们掀开序幕,同时还有WecoGate WecoCabinet的创办人——Mr. Alan Tam一同参与其中,并为我们颁发奖品!🤝🏆

我们也非常荣幸地邀请到两位本地著名DJ—— 陈峰和 Haziq Hussni为我们担任评判,通过他们的专业评审,在我们的脸书进行LIVE及送出各种丰富奖品!🎁


📅 日期:09/07/2021
🕐 时间:1pm
📱 脸书专页:WecoGate WecoCabinet
Tomorrow is D-DAY! It’s time to reveal the long-awaited [Weco Parents’ Day Photo Contest 2021] winners list! 😍🌟

This live stream ceremony will be kicked off by our host, Jerry along with the founder of WecoGate WecoCabinet, Mr. Alan Tam to join the fun and give out the exciting prizes! 🤝🏆

We are also honoured to have invited two well-known local DJs – Chan Fong and Haziq Hussni to serve as the judges. The winners will be selected based on their professional assessment and announced LIVE on our Facebook Page along with the amazing prizes! 🎁

Don’t miss out on the fun and stay tuned on our Facebook Page, see you! 

📅 Date: 09/07/2021
🕐 Time: 1pm
📱 Facebook Page: WecoGate WecoCabinet
最耐用、符合您的设计需求和理念的铝制自动门 & 橱柜就在 #Weco !

The most durable #Weco aluminum auto gate and cabinet are able to meet your needs!
Whether it's a new house or an old house, we will definitely use the best quality, to achieve the best results for you!


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