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Comparison Now and Then of Aluminium Gate

As time goes by, the changes in furniture design, materials and functionality have evolved as well! ⚡ Spot the significant differences of the main gate between back then in 1️⃣9️⃣7️⃣1️⃣ and now 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣! ⏳
[ STEEL GATE IN 1971 ] :
Steel often rusts and corrodes. This kind of old-fashioned gate usually has no hinges and mounting brackets for a secure hold, resulting in low weight-bearing capacity. 😰
[ FULLY #AluminiumAutoGate IN 2021] :
Our aluminum gate is rust-resistant, supported by solid hinges and brackets to withstand the weight of an elephant! 🐘💪
Are you amazed by the wonderful evolution of the main gate? 😎
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