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Do you have a “birth certificate” for your cabinets?

Do you have a “birth certificate” for your cabinets?

A birth certificate is so vital and important for us all right? For every baby being brought to the world will have their very own registered birth certificate.

And don’t be surprised, we have birth certificates for our pets as well! 😁

Today, we are telling you that you will obtain a certificate for your cabinets from us too! Why is it important to have? To give you the sense of belongingness, appreciation and you earned it!

Fully Lite Solid Aluminium
Door: 4G Glass
Hinge: Soft Closing Hinges by PIO
Drawer: Premium Full Extension Soft Closing Slide by PIO
Table Top: HMQ 03 (Marble Quartz Stone)
Accessories: Stainless Income Box Serial by PIO
Hood: LCH- JASPERPLUS - 90SS by Livinox
Hob: LGH - EURECA 2B-BL by Livinox
Oven: LBO - LINOX 75SS by Livinox
Sink & Tap: Levanzo

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